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The 8" Pegasus bread knife is designed specifically for cutting bread. It has a long, serrated blade that is sharp enough to easily slice through the crust of a loaf of bread without crushing the softer interior. The knife is comfortable to hold and easy to control, with a sturdy handle that provides a good grip. This bread knife is an essential tool for any home baker or cook who wants to make perfect, evenly sliced loaves of bread.


The Griphinity Pegasus Bread Knife has a core and blade made of Japanese AUS-10 steel which is a world famous high-carbon stainless steel.


The hardness is 62± and the highly refined high carbon vanadium in the steel ensures that the razor-sharp edge remains for a long time.

Folded forging provides a very distinct and beautiful Damascus rose pattern and a vacuum heated treatment technology is used to improve the fatigue strength of the knife and extend the life-span of the knife.

This knife has a high-class G-10 handle. G10 is a type of composite, lightweight material made of fiberglass and epoxy resin. It is famous for it’s high intensity, high level of moisture proof and chemical resistance. The handle is hand polished to assure a beautiful appearance and it has an ergonomic shape for a superb balance and comfortable grip.

The knife has a full tang. This means that the knife is one solid piece and the two handle pieces are pinned on to the blade, one on each side. This is the strongest of the tang types and it ensures solid and steady quality, yet perfectly balanced. The handel have a beautiful mosaic rivet decorated in the middle and an embossed stainless steel end cap with the carved Griphinity logo.


We are so proud of this knife that we dare to stick out our chin and say that it is the best bread knife we have ever used!


Pegasus 8" Bread Knife

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