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The Pegasus Series

If you are looking for a knife series that offers a perfect combination of beauty, performance and durability, then the Griphinity Pegasus series is an excellent choice. And as a bonus, the knives are designed in Sweden, so you know you're getting a unique, well-made product.

Griphinity Pegasus knife blade

Pegasus Knife Blades

The core and blade use Japanese Aichi Techno Metal Fukaumi made AUS-10 super steel which is a famous high-carbon stainless steel. The knife is full tang.

  • Japanese AUS-10 steel: 
    Highly refined, high carbon vanadium in the steel ensures that the razor-sharp edge remains for a longer period of time. 

  • Rockwell 62± hardness:
    Hard but flexible. Goes through food as easy as cutting butter. The cutting edge does not get damaged easily.

  • Razor-sharp 16° cutting edge:
    Hand sharpened to a 16° angle for each side. The blade is double-beveled for convenient cutting and food release. 

  • Double-sided 45 layer Damascus:
    Folded forging provides very distinct and beautiful Damascus rose pattern. It supports high performance and stain resistance. 

  • Hammered tsuchime finish:
    Reduces drag and develops ”air pockets” which decrease sticking on food (santoku and chef knife).

  • Vacuum heated treatment:
    Improves the fatigue strength greatly. Enhances the toughness and the corrosion resistance which extends the life-span of the knife. 

  • Mirror polishing/Abrasive blasting:
    Blades are elaborately polished until it reflects image like a mirror and the abrasive blasting processes enhance the distinctive Damascus pattern.

Griphinity Pegasus knife handle

Pegasus Knife Handles

  • High-class G-10 handle:
    G10 is a type of composite, lightweight material made of fiberglass and epoxy resin that is commonly used in knife handles. It is famous for its high intensity, high level of moisture proof and chemical resistance. 

  • Hand polished:
    The handles are fine hand polished to assure the beautiful appearance. 

  • Ergonomic design:
    Ergonomic handle shape for a superb strength, balance and comfortable grip. 

  • Full tang:
    This mean that the knife is one solid piece of metal. The two handle pieces are pinned on to the blade, one on each side. This is the strongest of the tang types and it ensures solid and steady quality, yet perfectly balanced. 

  • Mosaic rivet:
    A beautifully made mosaic rivet decorate the middle of the handle and it is our high-end series mark. 

  • Embossed stainless steel end cap:
    Increased overall balance and refinement with the Griphinity carved logo at the end of the knife. 

Pegasus Knife Models

8" Chef Knife

The Griphinity Pegasus 8" Chef knife is suitable for slicing meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods without bone, yet it also performs excellently on fibrous foods. The handle is comfortable to hold and the knife is well balanced, allowing the user to easily control the blade while cutting


Vegetables and other ingredients can simply be chopped by pressing the handle and the tip of the knife back and forth like a pendulum.

Blade length: 8 inch (203 mm)

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7" Santoku Knife

The Griphinity Pegasus 7" Santoku knife originates from Japanese food culture where the diet traditionally consists mostly of vegetables and fish. The Santoku knife overlaps the traditional chef's knife when working with vegetables and foods with a lighter composition and is suitable for those who like to work quickly with the knife on the cutting board.


It's an excellent complement to the chef knife and for those who work a lot with food and knives, both models should be in the knife box. 


Blade length: 7 inch (178 mm)

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6" Boning Knife

The Griphinity Pegasus Boning knife has a sharp tip and narrow flexible blade.


This is an essential tool in food preparation when removing bones in poultry and meat, filleting fish, skinning, trimming and butterflying. The blade will slide easily through sinews, fat and muscles to provide you with perfect clean separation.

Blade length: 6 inch (152 mm)

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6" Utility Knife

The Griphinity Pegasus Utility knife is used for processing ingredients such as tomatoes or green peppers with hard skins and a soft middle.


This knife is perfect when a more precise cut is essential, like trimming cherry radish, beans or other smaller vegetables and fruits for instance.


It is also a knife that fit perfect if you have smaller hands. 

Blade length: 6 inch (152 mm)

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8" Bread Knife

The 8" serrated Griphinity Pegasus Bread Knife is ideal for cutting hard crust bread, soft bread or cake.


We are so proud of this knife that we dare to stick out our chin and say that it is the best bread knife we have ever used!

Blade length: 8 inch (203 mm)

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Upcoming models in the Pegasus series

We're working on a few more knives in the Pegasus series and they will be ready soon...

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