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About Us

The brand Griphinity is owned by the company Gilwig AB.

Griphinity - From Sweden with love and passion for cooking!

Sweden is maybe not known for its delicious food (Swedish meatballs are good though!) but Swedish people are in general very interested in cooking! We celebrate our (way to short) summer with lots of barbecue parties, and during the (much longer and darker) winter period we often gather around the table for a tasty stew or a moose steak (yes, we have a lot of hunters too!).

Swedes travel a lot, and we also have many nationalities living in our country. All together it has given us many influences when it comes to food. In our cities it is easy to find cuisines from all over the world: Japan, India, Italy, China, Korea, Ethiopia, France, Thailand and many other countries.

A lot of Swedish people have attended courses in Asian and Italian cooking, and cookery books are very popular and appreciated gifts to our beloved ones. Our extended Griphinity Family consists of people who cooked all their lives and some who work as chefs professionally but also by people who cook food more rarely.

One thing we all have in common is that when we eat we want the food to be created with love, with high quality ingredients and prepared with tools that make cooking fun and easy. And in 2018 we decided to make something of our big passion. We formed Griphinity, and the name will stand for high quality, high performance and easy handling.

We want to make cooking easy and fun!

Our biggest hope is that our customers will enjoy using our Griphinity knives in their kitchen for many, many years. Therefor we work hard to design knives that provide outstanding performance and comfort.

Best Regards

The Griphinity Team

This is how we pronounce our brand name:

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